Return Policy / Refunds

Our in-ears are custom made for each individual and as result we cannot offer a refund after the product is in production, after the status “Shell Creation”.

If you wish to choose a refund before the in-ears has begun manufacture we can do so.

We do not not offer any refunds on shipping costs and there will be a admin/restocking fee for any special returns determined by Cosmic Ears. We do not offer any refunds due to fit issues with impressions not made by Cosmic Ears.

Returning your in-ears for repair

Contact us at stating your order number and we will assess the issue and advise on the best course of action and timeframe for the repair.

Send both in-ears to the following address. Ensure that you clearly mark on the package “RETURNED UNDER WARRANTY, NO COMMERCIAL VALUE”. Cosmic Ears are NOT responsible for any shipping or customs charges incurred for returned monitors, if any custom charges are made we will invoice the customer for the appropriate amount and the earphones will be returned once the payment has been made.

Depending on the nature of the fault, repairs may take up to 3 weeks to complete.

Cosmic Ears will cover the costs of shipping the in-ears back to the customer, the customer is responsible for the costs in shipping the in-ears to Cosmic

Cosmic Ears
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Cheadle Hulme
United Kingdom

Repair Costs

If your in-ears are not covered by our warranty there will be a cost for any repair.

Our standard costs are as follows (all prices subject to VAT within the EU).

Rebuild of one side.

Simple design (no artwork or faceplate designs): £150
Complex design (custom artwork or faceplate designs): £200

Rebuild of both sides.

Simple design (no artwork or faceplate designs): £250
Complex design (custom artwork or faceplate designs): £300

Additional costs.

Cost per replacement receiver : £25
Deep clean service: £25
Replacement cable: £35


The costs above are based on our standard repairs, the final cost may vary upon inspection by the Cosmic Ear Technicians. All repairs are subject to shipping costs as outlined above.

Cosmic Ears do not reshell in-ears after 3 years from the original ship date. Please contact us if any repairs are needed after 3 years from the original ship date