Troubleshooting your in ears

If you are experiencing some issues with your in ears we recommend checking the following as most issues can easily be resolved.

  • Cleaning your in ears

    We find the most common cause of sound deterioration is due to either wax build up in the sound tubes or issues with the cable.

    Please check out this video on cleaning your in ears.

  • Moisture/Sweat

    If the in ears are cleaned and maintained after every use, no significant amount of wax should be able to accumulate inside of the tubes beyond where the tools can reach.

    There can be occasions when moisture or sweat can get into the sound tubes which can impact the sound. We advise leaving your in ears out to air after extended use, to dehumidify them naturally.

    If this issue still causes some problems we recommend using a dehumidifier.

  • Wax buildup

    The natural wax from your ears can find its way into the sound tubes. We provide cleaning tools with all orders to help remove the wax.

    If the cleaning tools have not been used regularly, the wax can build up and get pushed further down into the sound tubes. In order to fix this issue a deep clean of your in ears would be required or occasionally a complete remake in order to rectify the issue.

  • Cable issues

    If the detachable 2-pin end(s) of the cable have worked their way loose from the in ear socket(s), the cable may not be fully inserted into the socket resulting in an on-and-off signal. This can also cause phasing or EQ issues, especially if the cable has been reinserted upside-down at some point.

    Luckily the easy fix for this is just to fully re-insert the cable end(s) all the way into the socket.

    To test if one side of the cable has failed, please swap around the cable ends in each in ear. If the problem moves to the other monitor then the cable has a fault; if not, the in ear could be the problem.

If none of the above resolves your issue you will need to send the in ears back to Cosmic Ears for inspection.

Please fill in the repair form from the link below, identifying the issue as detailed as possible.

Once you have submitted your repair form, you will receive information on how to send your in ears back for inspection.

N.B. If you are returning your in-ears back for repair they must be returned immediately after the issue has been reported. Continued use of the in-ears after the reported issue will void the warranty.

Repair Costs

If your in-ears are not covered by our warranty there will be a cost for any repair.

If the issue is not a result of workmanship problems i.e. wax build up, there will be a cost for the repair.

Our standard costs are as follows (all prices subject to VAT within the EU).

Rebuild of one side.

50% of the current purchase price minus 10%

Rebuild of both sides.

Current purchase price minus 10%


Cosmic Ears do not re-use any components when remaking the in-ears, this is to ensure that the repaired in-ears will be “as new”.

Any repairs that need to be carried out after 2 years will require new impressions. If the customer wishes for Cosmic Ears to use impressions older than 2 years then there will be no re-fit warranty on the in-ears.

Cosmic Ears may occasionally be able to carry out a repair that will not require a rebuild, any costs with this will be discussed at the time.

If currently on a VALID artist endorsement then the appropriate discount will be applied.