How To Order Your Cosmic Ears Monitors

Custom in-ear monitors are different from standard off-the-shelf earphones. They are designed to fit perfectly in your ear and are professionally hand crafted for each individual customer. Because of this, the buying process is a little bit different from your generic earphones. We’ve outlined the steps for you below…

Step 1: Place Your Order

Decisions, decisions.

Pick your model, cable, colour, and any custom options you want. You can add initials to your shells – up to three characters per ear, in upper or lowercase.  You can even add your own simple artwork.

Once you’ve perfected your choice of earphones, add them to your cart and checkout. From there you should fill in your shipping and billing details, make your payment and place your order. Your order will be saved onto our system and we will have an immediate notification and record of it. Following this process, we just need a few more things from you…

Tip: If you are not ready to order immediately why not register your account to make the checkout quicker. You can register at My Account

Step 2: Get Your Impressions

To create your earphones, we work from impressions made from the shape of your ears. These need to be produced by a professional audiologist. You could also arrange to come and visit us and we will take your impressions. Contact us to make this happen!

It is essential that you tell your audiologist that your impressions will be used to create custom in-ear monitors. We require full ear impressions to be made. We have an Audiologist Information guide that you can print off; this has all the information that your audiologist will need to create the impressions we need.

Tip: Good impressions are the most critical aspect of having good fitting monitors. Ensure you read carefully our Ear Impressions tips page. Please ensure you inspect the impressions BEFORE you leave the audiologist and compare them to the samples we show on the Ear Impressions tips page.

Step 3: Send Us Your Impressions

Now you have your ear impressions made, you need to send them to us. Package them together in a sturdy box, along with packing material to protect them – tissue can work as a good alternative – and the completed form from the audiologist, details found on the  Audiologist Information page, which also contains our address.

We can’t start creating your earphones until we’ve received both your payment and your ear impressions.

Step 4: We Get To Work

Now we have your order, your payment and your ear impressions. This means we can start creating your earphones!

From start to finish, you will receive updates about the status of your earphones as they move through the production process.  This will continue all the way up to your completed earphones being shipped out to you.