It is possible have artwork of your choice printed onto the faceplate of your Cosmic Ears in-ear monitors. The faceplate is the slightly curved surface that is visible when the in-ears are in the ears. Some examples of previous customers artwork are shown at the end of this page.


All artwork is required in RGB colour format to create the best colour definition. Keep in mind printed artwork may look different to on screen artwork.

Please Ensure the resolution of your artwork is at least 300 dpi with “auto compression” set on high to ensure the highest quality as artwork will be printed in the quality received.

Artwork with transparency:

If you request part of your artwork to feature transparency then we request that your artwork is sent in a vector format (this is ideal for logos or text) with the transparency applied and sent in the preferable file format of AI (Adobe Illustrator), PSD (Adobe Photoshop), if none of these is possible we can accept PNG format.

Solid artwork:

If your artwork is required to cover the entire faceplate including your background then please send in the preferred file format of AI, PSD, EPS, JPEG or PDF. 

Please ensure all embedded text and images are converted into outlines/curves to ensure it looks correct. 

Please note:

Due to the variation of everyones ear shape, if the artwork is detailed or large it is possible that some detail may not be included in the final monitor creation. However, we will always try our best to include as much as possible. This is due to working with a small area but also an irregular shape that we will not know before the impressions come in. 

Any artwork in either silver of gold will be engraved and cannot be used in conjunction with other colours.

If you have questions regarding your artwork please contact

All artwork must be owned by the customer, in the free domain or have the right to use (proof to use required).
We cannot accept any copyrighted or trademarked artwork/images unless proof of use is supplied.
Any threatening, obscene or sexually explicit content cannot be accepted.
The customer is responsible for providing Cosmic Ears proof of use.