Inserting your monitors

Before we tell you how to insert your monitors we always recommend that you begin with turning down the volume on your music source.


You easily identify which monitor is right and which monitor is left by identifying the red and the blue dot on your cables. The red dot indicates the right monitor and the blue dot indicates the left.

Your initials are also printed on each monitor, they are in red for the right and blue for the left.


Insert the monitor into your ear canal.


Rotate your monitor slightly backwards until it feels secure in your ear. We suggest you repeat this procedure while inserting the other monitor as well. If your monitor still isn’t in properly proceed to Step 4.


Carefully pull your ear in an attempt to secure the monitor as presented to you in the illustration above.


Now adjust the over-ear cable into the right position as presented to you in the illustration to the right.

Caring for your monitors

Your monitors are something to cherish, here are some tips to prolong the life of them.

Cleaning the sound tube.

Hold your ear monitor so that the flat part is facing down and the sound bore is facing you. Use the cleaning wire to remove any dirt such as earwax.

Cleaning the shell.

Wipe the shell of the monitor with the antistatic pouch.

Looking after the cable.

Push the slider up to the monitors and wrap the cable around a few fingers. Do not bend the stiffener wire.

Storing your monitor.

As a further protection for your monitors be sure to always keep them in the case when not in use.

Removing your monitors.

As for removing the monitor, do NOT pull the cable. Instead try carefully twisting the monitor forward to remove it.

Safety Information

Here are some health and safety tips to ensure you the best hearing experience.

Turn down the volume.

As we mentioned earlier, we always recommend that you lower the volume of your music source before inserting your monitors.

Noticing discomfort.

At the smallest sign of discomfort when wearing your monitors, you should unplug them right away to prevent further damage to your ears.

More earwax than usual?

If you notice anything out of the ordinary, like more earwax build-ups or decreased hearing you should visit an audiologist for further examination straight away.

Music + water? = NO.

Do not mix your monitors with water at any times. This means – no listening to music in the shower or swimming with them.