When getting your ear impressions from an audiologist it is critical that you inform them that the impressions are for musicians custom in ear monitors. Below are the instructions you need to give them, they can also be download on the link at the end of the page, this will also include the address to send the ear impressions to.


We need a full ear impression for our customers, including the crus of the helix, tragus and aniti-tragus.

The impressions must be taken past the second bend of the ear canal.
The impressions must fill the whole ear.
The impressions must be made with a high-viscosity silicone impression material.
An open mouth impression using a bite block is preferred.

Returning ear impressions

Pack the ear impression in a solid box and gently protect the impressions with packing material to stop any movement, tissues can be used as an alternative to packing material.

If you are unsure the ear impression is acceptable for our needs, you may take a photo of the ear impression and email it to us, we will try to assess if it is acceptable. This is highly recommended.

Fill in the details below and mail the boxed ear impressions and the audiologist notes form back to us at the address on the form.

Download Form