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Buying custom earphones (custom in-ear monitors or CIEM as they are also known) is different from buying regular "off the shell" earphones.

Cosmic Ears custom earphones are hand made for an individual so each earphone will be unique, in addition we have a number of configurable options for our earphones.

There are a great number of benefits in having custom monitors and to help making the process of buying a set of Cosmic Ears earphones we have created this mini step through guide.

Choose your earphone

We have a great range of earphones so choosing your earphones is probably going to be the most difficult part of the process. To help we have listed some suggestions:

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Register on the site

We currently control the purchase of earphones to registered users of this website. We do this to keep the number of orders manageable, we want to reduce the time from ordering earphones to the customer receiving them to as little time as possible. If we allowed anyone to order at anytime this would extend the production time.

To be able to order your earphones you must register.

Registration Page

Confirm registration and update details.

Once we have registered you onto our system you will get an email with your login details.

We advise people to login and confirm that everything has been set up correctly and it is also good at this point to enter your address details, this can also be done at the checkout stage, but doing it now will speed things up later.

If you want to have the production status sent via SMS ensure that the phone number you enter is a valid mobile number without the country code.

Select and buy your earphone

You should now have a good idea of which earphone you want, so you need to go to the Shop, select you earphone and options and step through the checkout stage ensuring you enter the shipping method and whether you require SMS notifications.


Ear impressions.

Once you have completed and paid for your order you should receive a confirmation email. At this point you need to arrange for your ear impressions.

We have provided some Audiologist Instructions on obtaining the ear impressions.

Once we have received full payment and your ear impressions we will begin production of your earphones and you will receive updates on the build progress via email and/or SMS.