• Welcome to Comic Ears, professional sound for everyone.
    Get ready to feel your music and experience sound in a manner never heard before.

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  • With the CE6B we’ve taken the magnificence of the CE6P combined wonderfully balanced sound but with an extra emphasis on some kick ass bass. Not only does it give you a truly fabulous sound experience but with all the custom shell options we’re sure this will be your perfect earphone.

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  • The first in our range with multiple drivers. Dual drivers are used to give that extra separation and clarity. One driver acts as a tweeter while the other pumps bass out like a sub.

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  • With the CE6P we have created a magnificent earphone that has a wonderfully balanced sound. The CE6P is the complete earphone for those that demand nothing but perfection. Get ready to feel your music and be blown away with the CE6P.

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  • Our most versatile 4 driver earphone designed for those that want crisp highs, lush mids and fast strong lows. Perfect for stage performers or for those that just want a great earphone for listening to music

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Due to our current workload our current production times are 6-8 weeks, we are working hard to reduce this and expected it to be reduced very soon.

Professional Sound

Beautifully crafted

Exclusive materials

Moulded to your ear

Our Products

Our products are designed to deliver sound that has previously been reserved for professionals.
Each product looks incredible, fits amazing and once heard you’ll never want to go back to another style of earphones.
From performing on stage to listening to your music during your daily commute – there is a set of Cosmic Ears for everyone.


Our heritage has been built from delivering high quality, custom fitted earphones.
The fit you get from a custom ear monitor is astonishing. Not only is sound delivered without interruption but you also get ‘natural’ noise cancelling.
We don’t use any technology to deliver noise cancellation which means your music remains natural and unaffected.
Having a set of custom earphones is something to be proud of – they will deliver an a mazing experience whether your on stage or running a marathon.
Contact us to find out more about fitting services.