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    TF10 reshelled by special request in our unique steampunk design

Due to Easter Holidays, our office is closed from Friday April 3rd – Thursday April 9th both days included.

Please be advised that delays are expected in responses to your inquiries on sales- and support related issues. All your requests, including orders placed, will be queued and processed as soon as possible after we return on April 10th.

Cosmic Ears produce hand made custom earphones that are incredible value for money. Our earphones combine an individual perfect fit with top quality components to deliver a supreme sound you will not believe.

Ears are different shapes and sizes which makes finding perfect fitting “off the shelf” earphones impossible. The ultimate earphone is one that fits your ears perfectly, isolating ambient noise, providing both comfort and clarity, allowing you to experience music on a different level. At Cosmic Ears we provide custom made earphones that fit your ears perfectly, sound amazing all at incredible value for money.


Supreme Sound

Cosmic Ears select the highest quality components and tune every earpiece individually to give you a supreme sound quality whatever you listen music, audio books or anything.

Beautifully Hand Made

Cosmic Ears earphones are individually hand crafted by skilled technicians and craftsman, this applies to every one of our earphones in our range.

Perfect Fit

Cosmic Ears “stay in” perfect fit technology means that your earphones are made to fit your ears perfectly ensuring your earphones stay in your ears whatever your activity and being so comfortable you will almost forget you are wearing them.

Incredible Value

At Cosmic Ears we believe you will not find an custom earphone that has the same quality and sound for the affordable value of our products.

At Cosmic Ears we believe in innovation, quality and value, it is the very core of our business. With this we focus on two styles of configurations for our custom monitors using either the traditional balanced armature configuration or our custom design hybrid models that feature balanced armatures and a dynamic driver in the same earpiece.

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Balanced armature designs giving incredible clarity and detail.
Hybrid designs giving the best of both worlds.
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